This version of ScalarDB is no longer supported. We recommend that you update to the latest version of ScalarDB.

Getting Started with Scalar DB on DynamoDB


This document briefly explains how you can get started with Scalar DB on DynamoDB with a simple electronic money application.

Install prerequisites

Scalar DB is written in Java. So the following software is required to run it.

  • Oracle JDK 8 (OpenJDK 8) or higher
  • Other libraries used from the above are automatically installed through gradle

From here, we assume Oracle JDK 8 is properly installed in your local environment.

Configure Scalar DB

The scalardb.properties (getting-started/scalardb.properties) file holds the configuration for Scalar DB. You need to update contact_points with AWS region, username with your AWS access key id, password with your AWS access secret key and storage with dynamo.

# Comma separated contact points

# Port number for all the contact points. Default port number for each database is used if empty.

# Credential information to access the database

# Storage implementation. Either cassandra or cosmos or dynamo or jdbc can be set. Default storage is cassandra.

Please follow Getting Started with Scalar DB to run the application.